Tra My Nguyen



19601988 - This is an hommage to Jean-Baptiste Basquiat (1960-1988).

There is no doubt - Jean-Baptiste Basquiat’s appearance has a magnetic aura. Various snapshots displaying him whether as an artist, party boy or lover of Madonna: Perpetually his glance was deep. You can feel inner life is filled with alienation and isolation - his struggle. Therefore I was more interested in his private life pictures in which he seems to be more in peace. I want to honor him as a private person not as „Basquiat - The Artist“.

The main concept for this collection was taken from a traditional Vietnamese funeral ceremony. A procession ritual in which families and friends grieve for the loss. They all wear the color white. A symbol of the unknown and purity in East Asian culture. The color white is used during the time of mourning, death, and during ghost festivals where people summoning ghosts.

WS 2015/16Photography by Pablo Lauf