Works / using one‘s feet has become an option of last resort

‚Speculative‘ fashion collection / ‚wearables‘ consisting of eight looks.

Credits: Ozan Sanal (videography), Annie Mackinnon (soundtrack), Melanie Glück (photography)

Motorbike culture has become the symbol of contemporary Vietnam and marks the origin of Vietnam‘s capitalist transition since the mid-1980s. Focusing on discourses of consumerism, mobility, gender and class identity,
the project examines the emerging female street style of motorcyclists in Vietnam, dubbed as ‚Street Ninja‘. By deconstructing and assembling street ninjas‘ UV protective clothing into ‚wearable sculptures,‘ the project proposes an emancipatory strategy: the ‚Street Ninjas‘ become protagonists of their marks and reinterpret their discriminatory experiences. Moreover, the protagonists have an emancipatory potential in reconfiguring the meaning of mobility and women‘s experience by mixing boundaries of the female body with commodities (e.g. motorcycle, fashion). In this way, they appropriate (public) spaces while applying methods of ‚feminist collectivity‘.

The project consists of textile sculptures, which is an assemblage of ‚wearables‘, and a video installation showing two projections of a feminist protagonist and a video about utopian Vietnam.

Sun protective garments, silicone, mesh polyester, digital prints, metal, ceramic

Video (4:51 min) shot in Hanoi (VN) und Berlin (DE)